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Additional Information

Who can join the swim team?

 Limestone County residents ages 5 to 18 are welcome to join and participate in all competitions.

My kid is not Michael Phelps. Can he still join?
Of course! No prior competitive swim experience is necessary. We do require, though, that your child be able to swim an age-appropriate length without assistance: 25 yards (8 and under), 50 yards (9-12), or 100 yards (13-18).

How much does it cost?
Summer swim dues are $125. This fee covers practices, all meet fees (with the exception of the Madison Medal Meet, which is optional), all coaching fees, and all equipment (other than goggles and a swimsuit) for the entire season. You will also receive a latex team swim cap with registration.  You can elect to receive up to a $40 credit per family by obtaining a sponsor.  Any Board member would be happy to tell you more about how this works.  

How often does the team practice?
Summer practices are normally held every weekday morning (except Wed). Younger children (10&Under) or beginner swimmers are generally only required to swim for one hour, and they may only swim 3-4 days per week. The coach will determine what is best. Attendance at practice is strongly encouraged; please notify us if you will be unable to attend on a certain day. Regular practice attendance builds discipline, both mental and physical, which is essential for competitive swimming. Generally, the more you practice, the more you win!

What about meets?
All of our 6-8 swim meets are scheduled to be split between home and away. Our regular season away meets are within a one-two hour drive and are during the months of June and July. They are usually on Tuesdays and Thursdays (occasionally on Saturdays).  While meets are not required, they are strongly encouraged.  This really is one of the most fun parts of being on the team!

Can I help?
Parents are required to work for at least 3 meets. It is really fun to be part your child’s team. Kids love to see that parents are an active part of their sports! No formal training is required for any of the duties; we can show you what you need to know in less than 2 minutes. Duties include Timers, Scoring, Judging, Bull Pen Parent, Concessions, Deck Parent, Runner, Set up or Clean up Crew, Event Numbers and Ribbons. Signup sheets are posted at practices so that all parents can signup well in advance. Home swim meets cannot be run without 24 workers per meet! Away meets require 10 volunteers. Therefore, parents must volunteer for at least 3 meets or you may choose to pay $20 per meet so that we may hire someone to take your place.

Is there a uniform? 

The Athens Swim Team suit is currently a TYR print available at First Place in Huntsville. It is an excellent suit and will hold up well. We advise using it only for swim meets and using an inexpensive one for practices. A very large selection of goggles is also available at First Place. We recommend trying a few on to find a good fit. Representatives from First Place usually come to the pool the first week with suits and goggles as a convenience to parents.